• Ivy as Turanga Yuko, Jelly Otter, and Blossom.
  • Kate as Turanga Leela and Mrs Shaw.
  • David as Philip J Fry.
  • Tween Girl as Peanut Otter, Laura Koala, Bobby Bear, Tommy Pickles, and Buttercup.
  • Julie as Pinch Raccoon and Blinky Bill.
  • Kimberly as Roobear Koala.
  • Brian as Flick Duck.
  • Eric as Andy Panda and Munchy Beaver.
  • Simon as Mr Dike.
  • Shy Girl as Butter Otter and Bubbles.


  • Yuko: Now to make some fake video game openings!
  • [Yuko sees an abandoned plane]
  • Yuko: Now I can use that plane to return home at Florida!"
  • [Yuko jumps on the plane and flies it]
  • [Cut to: In Pinch's bedroom]
  • Pinch: I thought Yuko was supposed to watch some episodes of Baby Lovey.
  • [Cut to: Yuko back at her home]
  • Yuko: All right! I returned home! Now to go into the basement and make some fake video game openings there!
  • [Yuko goes into her house and into her basement]
  • Yuko: I'm gonna make some fake video game openings.
  • [20 Minutes later]
  • Yuko: I made the openings to Yoshi's New Island from 2001, New Super Mario Bros. 2 from 1988, Super Mario Galaxy 2 from 1996, Super Mario 3D Land from 1991, Super Mario World from 1977, Mario Kart 8 from 1999, Mario Party Island Tour from 1987, Super Mario Kart from 1970, and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze from 1995. They are all real not fake. Time to broadcast them on every screen possible!
  • [15 Minutes later]
  • Yuko: Now every portable video game screen, television screen, movie screen, and computer screen on Earth will have our video game openings.
  • [Cut to: In Pinch's bedroom, Pinch turns on the TV. We cut to the words on the TV screen reading "Opening to Super Mario Galaxy 2 from 1996 REAL NOT FAKE]
  • Pinch: It must be Yuko who did it! It looks like she has made the Opening to Super Mario Galaxy 2 from 1996 Real not fake! It is completely fake. The video game didn't come out until May 2010! I am gonna call Fry right now! (on the phone)