I'm keeping this simple, because the whole point of this experiment is to let people have fun and share stuff.

There are just four rules Edit

  1. No harrassment. I currently have the permissions open to everyone, but I will lock things up if people act like gits.
  2. No vandalism. Don't delete or deface things just because you don't like 'em. If they are harrassment, then tell me and I'll delete it and ban the person who did it.
  3. No bad faith changes. In other words, don't make a change you know will get up everyone's nose, just because you know it will get up their noses.
  4. No plagiarism. Please acknowledge your sources, and keep quoted or sampled material to a reasonable length.

And one suggestion Edit

  • Don't post anything here that you aren't willing to see transformed. That's the whole point of the project and it will happen. We all get attached to certain stories, so keep those ones for your own spaces, like LiveJournal or DreamWidth. Anything you put in here, make sure you're really okay with other people playing with it. I won't be sympathetic to anyone complaining about their Vision being Ruined by Philistines.

Volunteering to Help Edit

I don't know much about wikis, so if you'd like to volunteer to do some of the admin stuff, and get the navigation working like a thing of beauty, then please go ahead.

Contact the Admin Edit

You can find me at User:Cupidsbow or email cupidsbower[at]gmail[dot]com