Junior Kills Pooh was a GoAnimate video made by SallyJones1998.


  • Ivy as Junior, Scootch Raccoon, Tim Brisby, Tiff, and Betsy.
  • Kayla as Sophie The Otter, Penny, Fat Jelly, Amy Wong, and Jelly Otter.
  • Kimberly as Benny, Roobear Koala, Miss Brisby, and Peanut Otter.
  • Shy Girl as Fievel and Baby Butter Otter.
  • Tween Girl as Baxter, Laura Koala, and Pinch Raccoon.
  • Diesel as Bill Gates.
  • Eric as Andrew and Winnie The Pooh..
  • Brian as Munchy Beaver.
  • Young Guy as Flick Duck.
  • Julie as Erika.
  • Kate as Leela.
  • David as Fry.
  • Kidaroo as Police officer.